Hello friends, welcome to October! I know, I know. Just saying “October” makes us realize how fast time really is flying. Two months until the holidays start. I believe that I will take the next two months (leading up to Thanksgiving anyway!) to continue my
weight loss program and then to take a break for Thanksgiving and Christmas (all things in moderation, right?!). Also, with shipping being crazy this year, many news outlets are saying to do your shopping early.

This month, there are several items I would like to bring to your attention. We have much going on for which we can be thankful.

I have finished working through my first round of phone calls and visits! Your life stories about how you came to White Bluff and also being able to pray with you has been inspiring to me. Included in my contacts was a recognition that we have many people
that claim White Bluff Methodist for which we do not have good contact information. Sometimes home phones are disconnected, people move, and emails change. The Church Council is working diligently to identify correct information. If you did not re-
ceive a contact from me yet, that is probably the reason. As your Shepherd, I want to know my flock and will continue to work hard to do so. Thanks for all who are helping me right now on this initiative.

October will be our stewardship education and commitment month at White Bluff. John Wesley used to preach a simple message in regards to stewardship, “Earn all you can, save all you can, and give all you can.” His easy yet profound approach is largely credit-
ed with helping England stave off the revolutions that enveloped sister countries like France. It also brought a very poor people out of poverty to a more middle-class status. Our stewardship focus will be on the Sundays of October 17, 24, and 31. I will preach a
sermon series on “Earn, Save, Give.” If you would like to pick up Jim Harnish’s book by the same title, please do so. Just Google “Jim Harnish, Earn, Save, Give” and it should be readily available for purchase. Sunday, October 24, will include a stewardship
brunch at 10:30 am (between the services in the gym) for people to hear a report from Chuck Dixon, Finance Chair, and Malinda Smith, Finance Secretary. I appreciate their hard work on an ongoing basis and look forward to what they will present. October 31
will be our commitment Sunday; as Wesley encouraged people to “give”, we will seek to give of ourselves in a life of stewardship to God, not just our finances. I look forward to growing with you through this time of education and commitment.

The Church Council approved a children’s full-day preschool exploratory committee to develop a plan for what a fully licensed, fully day preschool might look like at White Bluff. We will begin the process of visioning shortly, so stay tuned! Our goal is to po-
tentially build a vibrant preschool that can serve the community as we bring in young parents and their children to grow our church. Pray for this process as we seek to follow God’s leading every step of the way.

I love Christmas lights! So much so, that I have gathered a huge stockpile of lights and inflatables over the last ten-plus years. Since the parsonage is a great house but with a small yard, we will use December as a springboard to advertise our church through a drive-thru-Christmas-lights-experience at White Bluff. I will bring my lights/ inflatables to the church and invite you to do so as well (if you have ones you would like to share). The more, the merrier! We will need volunteers each night to assist with traffic and other
items. Stay tuned for more information and get ready to advertise the one-of-a-kind White Bluff drive-thru-Christmas-lights-experience in every possible medium you can (sharing on Facebook, newsletters, phone calls, email, etc.)! Jesus is the reason for the season!

None of this would be possible without God: Yahweh- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Monday mornings, I will continue to text-out prayer challenges that invite us all to the foot of the cross as we surrender our lives to Him. If you want in on the texts, please text Delilah Meadows (912) 657-8051 and she’ll put you in the group.
Thank you for pressing more deeply into your faith. I am excited to grow continually in Christ’s love with you here at White Bluff. If you ever need me, I’m here to listen and pray.

Reverend Barry Giddens
Senior Pastor, White Bluff United Methodist Church, Savannah, GA