July 26,2021

Hello White Bluff family,

Earlier in the day I received a call from a member of our church who informed me of the Savannah Mayor’s mask mandate. I spoke with the District Superintendent, David Thompson, a short time ago, and he asked that we follow our local governance. He also urged questions to be directed to the Mayor’s office as our Methodist Churches in Chatham County will seek to be in compliance.

Mask wearing applies to all in-door gatherings in Chatham County. We will seek to social distance as possible and wear our masks.

I realize that this is difficult to return to mask-wearing, but with the COVID-delta variant raging, we do want to be safe. I celebrated when I was able to leave the mask behind, but will find one again. Erin just began a new travel nurse assignment in Camden County today where they are experiencing 900 new cases in a single day. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who are sick with COVID and our front-line responders. Thanks to the front-liners for their service.

A friend of mine recently joked that everyone should receive the vaccine because he did not want to return to teaching his kids online at home once again. That is my hope as well! I am grateful for the time I spent with my boys at home, but will be far more grateful when they go to Georgetown beginning next week.

It is my joy to be your Pastor. Thank you for helping me with this.